Welcome to the Cyber Defense Global Awards for 2018. It’s been six months in the making – our annual review of the hottest, most innovative, best, market leaders, next-generation and cutting edge INFOSEC companies offering incredible products and services. While we’re in our sixth year of delivering awards to innovators in the USA, which we will continue to do during the RSAC conference in San Francisco, CA in early 2019, you’re looking at our Global Awards where we scoured the globe of the nearly 3,000 InfoSec players from the USA to Israel to Japan to Germany to China and back here to the United Kingdom. Some were started in little villages in Greece and others in big cities like Tel Aviv or Tokyo or Beijing. Some of them you have never heard about until today and that makes us very proud. Some are startups, and some are early stage. Some of them are bigger and well-known players.

One thing you will see that they all have in common – their products, services, solutions and technologies stand out from the crowd. Their mission is the same as ours – to help you get one step ahead of the next breach. They are on a mission to help you document regulatory compliance such as GDPR. They have been leveraging new techniques including machine learning, artificial intelligence, cloud-based security, new forms of encryption and so much more. After reaching out to thousands of these companies around the globe, we narrowed our list down to a much smaller group of finalists and only 100 companies around the Globe who will all share in the spotlight – winners of our prestigious award. These companies have gone through much scrutiny by our judges and we share this outcome with you, here for your review and consideration.

Please join us in congratulating these winners – many of whom you will see at IP EXPO EUROPE as you make your way around the show floor. Some companies received multiple awards in multiple categories because of various products, services and innovations they offer. Please let them know you found them, here in Cyber Defense Magazine.

Winners in alphabetic order by Company name

Company NameAward Name
AdaptivaCutting Edge Endpoint Security
AlienVaultEditor's Choice Unified Threat Management (UTM)
AlienVaultLeader Threat Intelligence
AnomaliBest Product Threat Intelligence
APCON Inc.Most Innovative Network Packet Broker
ATARLABSCutting Edge Security Orchestration, Automation and Response
Attivo Networks®Most Innovative Deception Based Security
bugurooBest Product Fraud Prevention
CavirinBest Product Cloud Security
Cloud Security AllianceLeader Cybersecurity Training
CofenseNext Gen Anti-phishing
Contrast SecurityEditor's Choice Cybersecurity Company of the Year
Cynash, Inc.Editor's Choice ICS/SCADA Security
D3 SecurityHot Company Security Investigation Platform
D3 SecurityMost Innovative Incident Response
DemistoHot Company Incident Response
EclecticIQEditor's Choice Threat Intelligence
EdgeWaveBest Product Anti-phishing
EdgeWaveBest Product Email Security and Management
EndaceCutting Edge Security Hardware
EndaceBest Product Network Security & Management
First Nation GroupChief Risk Officer of the Year, Chris Maier
ForeScoutBest Product Network Access Control (NAC)
ForeScoutLeader Internet of Things (IoT) Security
FortanixNext Gen Encryption
GEOACL LLCEditor's Choice Authentication Solution for Rainbow Password
GTB TechnologiesLeader Data Loss Prevention and Data Protection
Hacker.HouseMost Innovative Cybersecurity Training
HelpSystemsBest Product Managed File Transfer
Herjavec GroupLeader Managed Security Services
Herjavec GroupMost Innovative Identity and Access Management
HID GlobalMost Innovative Cybersecurity Discovery
ibossLeader Cloud Security
IllumioEditor's Choice Security Company of the Year
IllumioNext Gen Micro-segmentation Product of the Year
Illusive NetworksCutting Edge Advanced Persistent Threat (APT) Detection and Response
InkyEditor's Choice Anti-phishing
IntezerCutting Edge Malware Analysis
IP Technology LabsNext Gen IoT Trunking Gateways
Ixia, a Keysight BusinessHot Company Cloud Security
Ixia, a Keysight BusinessLeader Enterprise Security
JumioBest Product Biometrics
JumioNext Gen InfoSec Startup of the Year
Kingston TechnologyBest Product Security Hardware
Kingston TechnologyEditor's Choice Bring Your Own Device (BYOD)
Kingston TechnologyHot Company Data Loss Prevention
Kingston TechnologyMost Innovative Data Loss Prevention
Kingston TechnologyMost Innovative Encryption
Kingston TechnologyNext Gen Security Hardware
KnowBe4Leader Security Training
Logsign IncHot Company Security Information Event Management (SIEM)
N8 IdentityNext Gen Identity Management
Nehemiah SecurityCutting Edge Risk Management
NetlokMost Innovative Multi, Single and Two Factor Authentication
NeustarCutting Edge Cloud Security
NeustarMost Innovative Web Application Security
NightDragon SecurityLeader Security Advisory and Investment
Nuspire NetworksHot Company Managed Detection and Response (MDR)
Obrela Security IndustriesEditor's Choice Managed Detection and Response (MDR)
ObserveITBest Product Insider Threat Prevention
ObserveITCutting Edge Insider Threat Detection
OnapsisLeader ERP Security
OneTrustBest Product Privacy Management Software
OneTrustPrivacy Management Expert of the Year, Kabir Barday
Overseas Infrastructure AllianceChief Information Officer of the Year, Sourabh Tiwari
PanaseerCutting Edge Cyber Security Intelligence Platform
PC PitstopEditor's Choice Anti-Malware
PortnoxEditor's Choice Network Access Control (NAC)
ProficioHot Company Managed Security Services Provider
ProficioMost Innovative Managed Detection and Response
ProficioMost Innovative Security Company of the Year
Recorded FutureMost Innovative Threat Intelligence
Resecurity, Inc.Best Product Digital Footprint Security
Resecurity, Inc.Hot Company Forensics
RiskLensMost Innovative Risk Management
SecPod TechnologiesCutting Edge Vulnerability Assessment, Remediation, Patch and Configuration Management Endpoint Security
Secure Channels Inc.Editor's Choice Encryption
SecuronixBest Product Cybersecurity Analytics
Sergeant LaboratoriesMost Innovative Cybersecurity Analytics for AristotleInsight
Shanghai Moule Network Technology Co., LtdEditor's Choice Vulnerability Discovery and Intelligent Defense
SiemplifyCutting Edge Incident Response
SKD LabsEditor's Choice Independent Information Security Test Labs
SlashNextCutting Edge Anti-phishing
Succeed Technologies Pvt LtdEditor's Choice Security Training
ThreatQuotientHot Company Threat Intelligence
ThreatQuotientMost Innovative Advanced Persistent Threat (APT) Detection and Response
ThreatQuotientNext Gen Security Investigation Platform
ThycoticCutting Edge Privileged Account Security
TitaniaLeader Vulnerability Assessment, Remediation and Management
TenableBest Product Vulnerability Management
TruSTAREditor's Choice InfoSec Startup of the Year
TruSTARNext Gen Threat Intelligence
TruSTARLeader Cybersecurity Blockchain
TruSTARChief Executive Officer of the Year, Paul Kurtz
TtecChief Information Security Officer of the Year, Paul (Kip) James
Unbound TechNext Gen Cryptography
UntangleBest Product Unified Threat Management (UTM)
UntangleHot Company Network Security & Management
UntangleLeader Firewalls
VeridiumNext Gen Product Biometrics
WatchGuard TechnologiesLeader Multi-Factor Authentication
WatchGuard TechnologiesLeader Unified Threat Management (UTM)
WhiteHat SecurityLeader Application Security
WhiteSourceLeader Open Source Security
XM CyberCutting-Edge Breach and Attack Simulation
XTN Cognitive SecurityBest Product Mobile Endpoint Security
XTN Cognitive SecurityHot Company Application Security
XTN Cognitive SecurityNext Gen Fraud Prevention
ZimperiumLeader Wireless, Mobile, and Portable Device Security


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