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The Black Unicorn awards program is now part of the Top InfoSec Innovator awards program.  Judges will independently determine Black Unicorns for 2023 from Top InfoSec Innovator entries based on their current status in the marketplace without any need for the innovator to fill out any additional forms or provide executive summaries.

There are approximately 4,000 cybersecurity companies in the world.  A small number will be named a Top InfoSec Innovator in the World for 2023.  Of those, some who appear to be on a three to five year trajectory to be valued at $1B USD will be named Baby Black Unicorns for 2023.  A smaller group, no more than ten, who appear to be on a one to three year trajectory to be valued at $1B USD will be named The Black Unicorns for 2023.  This will all be included in our annual Black Unicorn Report for 2023, distributed on October 26, 2023 at CyberDefenseCon 2023 and then worldwide online and to hundreds of thousands of our opt-in email subscribers.


Recent awards winners:






























Will you be next?


Disclaimer:  The Cyber Defense Global InfoSec Awards are not associated with, owned or operated by the RSA Conference USA.   The Black Unicorns, Top Baby Black Unicorns, Top Cybersecurity Startups, Top MSSPs, Top Women in Cybersecurity, Top Cybersecurity Experts and Top CISOs among all of our other past and present awards are not associated with, owned or operated by Black Hat or their parent, Informa PLC. They are an independent awards competition provided by the Cyber Defense Media Group (CDMG) as part of our Cyber Defense Awards platform and marketing by our most popular and highest readership and visited platform, Cyber Defense Magazine.  All rights reserved worldwide.