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Global InfoSec Awards for 2023 – Winners

Welcome to the Cyber Defense Global InfoSec Awards for 2023

As we go to press on this annual RSAC issue of Cyber Defense Magazine, on behalf of Cyber Defense Media Group, we celebrate our strong relationship with the RSA organization.  Among the many valuable services and affiliations, we enjoy, the RSA connection is one of our most important.

It is with great pleasure that we dedicate this RSA/April 2023 issue of Cyber Defense Magazine to our support and participation in the RSA Conference set for April 24-27, 2023, in San Francisco.

We have worked diligently at our end to produce one of the largest and most comprehensive issues of Cyber Defense Magazine in our 11-year history.  With 50 articles from cyber security professionals, many of them planning to attend RSAC 2023, we continue to grow in distribution and actionable intelligence for our contributors and readers.  We continue to monitor closely and respond to the needs of our audience.

Accordingly, the scope of CDMG’s activities has grown into many media endeavors to meet these growing needs.  We offer Cyber Defense Awards; Cyber Defense Conferences; Cyber Defense Professionals (job postings); Cyber Defense TV, Radio, and Webinars; and Cyber Defense Ventures (partnering with investors).  The full list, with links, can be accessed at:

Cybersecurity is on the front line of the ongoing protection of our economy and critical infrastructure.  It’s no surprise that there are now hundreds of thousands of career openings and unlimited opportunities for those who wish to make a positive impact on today’s digital world. Cyber Defense Media Group is dedicated to providing information and tools for professionals to create resilient and sustainable cyber systems.

Congratulations to all our winners!

Gary S. Miliefsky, Chairman & CEO
Cyber Defense Media Group
Publisher, Cyber Defense Magazine

p.s.  Where do the Top CISOs in the World meet with the Top InfoSec Innovators, each year?