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Women in Cybersecurity Scholarship Fund for Diversity and Inclusion

Here is the winner of our annual Women in Cybersecurity scholarship program for the first half of 2023.

This year’s 1st winner is Kylie Amison

About the Winner:

I am a recent graduate of George Mason University where I obtained my Bachelors of Science degree in Cybersecurity Engineering with a minor in intelligence analysis. I currently only hold one certification, the Comptia Security +, but plan to get both the eMAPT and CEH. I am working full time at a leading mobile security company, NowSecure, as an Application Security Analyst where I do all types of fun things like exploit vulnerable apps, secure mobile application development, and contribute to exciting projects and important initiatives that are consistently highlighted throughout the security industry.

In addition, I also work part time with startup company, Auspex Labs, as a Cybersecurity Software Developer, where I am the main developer on DiplomacyTM, a geopolitical threat intelligence engine that combines a broad assortment of metrics and NLP sentiment analysis to calculate nuanced and real-time threat scores per nation state. Working at Auspex has been pivotal in my knowledge in creating secure software and has given me the opportunity to not only develop my first product, but to also start my own startup company, productizing the software and capabilities created in DiplomacyTM. Which brings me to my final achievement, I am now co-founder and CTO of Xenophon Analytics, a company that grew from shared interests in international political affairs and my project of building the geopolitical risk engine.

Throughout all of these experiences and my coursework at GMU, I have gained essential skills in secure software development, risk management, data analysis, Python, penetration testing, and mobile security. When I’m not researching or coding, you can find me watching anime, reading Sci Fi, or playing with my dogs! I have aspirations of going back to school to get a graduate degree in either Digital Forensics, or Cyber Law (maybe both?). My ultimate goal in life is to learn every single day, and I’m proud to be doing just that.

With her award, she has received an opportunity for a part-time internship with CDM as a cybersecurity reporter and blogger.

Reach out to her with story ideas:

[email protected]