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12 Year Anniversary – 12 Reasons to Apply for our Prestigious Awards




  1. Applying for an award helps bolster your credibility to current and future employees, investors, partners and customers.
  2. If you feel your company fits in multiple award categories, you can apply for more than one category and increase your odds of being named a winner.
  3. Helps build brand awareness:  there’s tremendous buzz around our awards programs during our invitation only CISO Conference.
  4. Our audience alone, and up to 5 million monthly visitors to our platforms, during our invitation only CISO Conference. including our 200k opt-in email subscribers and nearly that amount of social media followers puts us in the highly targeted and qualified traffic during the awards announcement and the conference.
  5. These awards are an excellent marketing tool, as part of one of the top leading cyber security news and information source.
  6. Helps you broaden your network and increase interest by potential customers, who might not have heard of your company elsewhere.
  7. It’s the perfect sales tool – the winners will be announced and published in the The Black Unicorn Report of CDM wherein it will be distributed to major industries including their CISOs, VPs, IT Staff and much more.
  8. We love new categories and innovators – if you don’t find your category, let us know and the judges will most likely approve adding it.
  9.  We spend hundreds of thousands of dollars marketing the awards, the red carpet, our Black Unicorn Report, the CDTV hotseat interviews and much more.  If you win, you will be in the spotlight and gain industry notoriety, especially with what we have planned for our 12th year of this awards program and our 12th anniversary in business.
  10. While our Black Unicorn Awards are focused on ‘soon to be worth $1B’ infosec companies, these Top InfoSec Innovator Awards also highlight all categories of InfoSec and all types of cybersecurity companies are welcome to apply, from startups to public companies.
  11. We love to help CISOs and IT Staff find market leaders as well as innovative solutions from all over the Globe, to be showcased at our invitation only CISO Conference.
  12. We are helping you rise above the noise so together, we get one step ahead of the next threat.

Winners to be Announced during CyberDefenseCon 2024

Sample winners from last year on our virtual red carpet:












…and some show floor very happy winners from prior RSA Conferences:

Will you be next?


Disclaimer:  The Cyber Defense Global InfoSec Awards are not associated with, owned or operated by the RSA Conference USA or its parent company, Dell.   The Top 10 Black Unicorns, Top 10 Baby Black Unicorns, Top 10 Cybersecurity Startups, Top 10 MSSPs, Top 10 Women in Cybersecurity, Top 10 Cybersecurity Experts and Top 10 CISOs among all of our other past and present awards are not associated with, owned or operated by Black Hat or their parent, Informa PLC. They are an independent awards competition provided by the Cyber Defense Media Group (CDMG) as part of our Cyber Defense Awards platform and marketing by our most popular and highest readership and visited platform, Cyber Defense Magazine.  All rights reserved worldwide.